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getting to work cleaning the place Photo by: U.S. Gov., Public Domain.

Written by Emilio. Published: Feb, 2016.

Day 1: Where to begin, start with a 5 minute cleaning

When there is chaos everywhere on the desk and the problem has gotten so big that it seems impossible to handle this. Where do you start in all this mess?

We have to approach this as we would dealing with a scared little baby. Start off really easy. Just take a first crack at it. We start by doing a rudimentary cleaning of the desk. Do this now! As you are reading this! You are not allowed to put it off!

  1. Glance over the place to get an overview.
  2. Take all dirty dishes, cups and plates.
  3. Collect all empty bottles.
  4. Throw all used wrappings of chocolate bars and the likes and throw it in the garbage.
  5. Take a wet napkin, clean your computer screens, and any bare surface of the desk.

So this little exercise should take no more than five minutes. It may not have accomplished a lot. But it will help build self esteem.

Your journey has started. Say out loud: You are on your way. You did good and you look forward to start improving everything.

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